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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace, Mann
have it; so there seems a stop put to any new persons from the Opposition.
His Eoyal Highness is gone to Kew; his Drawing-rooms will not be so crowded at his return, as he has disobliged so many considerable people, particularly the Dukes of Montagu 7 and Kichmond, Lord Albemarle, &c. The Kichmond went twice, and yet was not spoken to; nor the others; nay, he has vented his princely resentment even upon the women, for to Lady Hervey not a word.
This is all the news, except that little Brook is on the point of matrimony with Miss Hamilton8, Lady Archibald's9 daughter. She is excessively pretty and sensible, but as diminutive as he.
I forgot to tell you, that the Place Bill has met with the same fate from the Lords as the Pension Bill and the Triennial Act; so that, after all their clamour and changing of measures, they have not been able to get one of their popular bills passed, though the newspapers, for these three months, have swarmed with instructions for these purposes
Lieutenant of Ireland, whom he betrayed to Sir B. Walpole; the latter employed him, but never -would trust him. He then ingratiated himself -with Mr. Pelham, under a pretence of candour and integrity, and was continually infusing scruples into him on political questions, to distress Sir E. On the latter's quitting the ministry, he appointed a Board of Treasury at his own house, in order to sign some grants; Mr, Clutterbuck made a pretence to slip away, and never returned. He was a friend too of the Speaker's : when Sir E. W. was told that Mr. Onslow had resigned his place, and that Mr. Clutterbuck was to succeed him, he said, ' I remember that the Duke of Roxburgh, who was a.great pretender to conscience, pervaded the Duke of Montrose to reaign'the seals of Secretary of State, on some scruple,
and begged them himself the next day.' Mr. Clutterbuck died very soon after this transaction. Walpole.
7   John    Montagu    (1689-1749), second Duke of Montagu;   served in the  army;   KG-.,   1718;   Grand Master of Order of the Bath, 1725; Governor of Isle of Wight, 1733-34; Captain of Gentlemen Pensioners, 1734-40; Master General of the Ordnance, 1742-49;  General of Horse, 1746.
8  Elizabeth,   daughter   of   Lord Archibald   Hamilton;    m.    (1742), Francis Greville, Lord Brooke, afterwards Earl of Warwick ; d. 1800.
9  Lady Jane Hamilton, daughter of sixth Earl of Abercorn ; m. (1719) Lord Archibald Hamilton..   She was First Lady of the Bedchamber, Mistress of the Robes and Privy Purse to Augusta, Princess of Wales.